Does HHO Work? I've Read That This is a Scam

So does HHO work? Yes, but there are good reasons why some say that HHO systems, or hydrogen car kits, are a scam. They have to do with the control systems on late model cars (most cars built since about 1996). These cars have computer controlled fuel systems, usually fuel injection systems instead of the carburetors older cars have.Here's what will often happen when you put just an HHO generator (also called an electrolyzer or hydrogen generator) by itself on a car with a computer controlled fuel injection system: The HHO gas provides extra power, and also increases the oxygen content in the exhaust. Fine, so far. But due to the way the computer decides how much fuel to inject into your engine, it cancels out the extra efficiency gained by adding the HHO fuel. This is because the control system has oxygen sensors in the exhaust and when the computer senses an increase in the oxygen levels it thinks the air/fuel mixture is too lean and dumps more gasoline into the cylinders. So with a later model vehicle you cannot benefit from the increased efficiency of the HHO and get the best gas mileage possible unless you also add what are called enhancers to the system.

For this reason, many people have tried to add an electrolyzer alone to their fuel injected vehicle with poor results. In fact, if you do not also use enhancers with your electrolyzer, your fuel economy may actually GO DOWN as your computer tries to compensate for the "lean" mixture it thinks it sees by dumping extra fuel into your engine. Those who have had this happen naturally will think HHO doesn't work...this is the main reason why you may see claims that this is a scam or a fraud.
There are other reasons too. This industry is in its infancy and there are many websites out there which are making ridiculous claims such as 300% mileage gains and huge output vs. amperage input.

The truth is you can realistically expect mileage gains in the range of 25%-50% with a quality HHO system that has been properly installed with enhancers. Further, many sites are selling poor quality devices which are made from sub-par materials that simply weren't designed to stand up to the temperatures and vibration under the hood of a car, or may be outright unsafe.

Does HHO work? Absolutely! There is such a huge need for this technology in every vehicle on the road today. That's why we are here. This site has a keen interest in helping to bring the hydrogen-on-demand industry up to a professional and respected standard. Here at HHONAR we believe in promoting only quality products which are specifically engineered as HHO generators and made using the best materials and workmanship. We also believe in old fashioned customer service--with us the Golden Rule is still number one. We look for companies which provide the customer with a great product and service after the sale.

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