Advanced HHO Electronics

These Optional Add-Ons Can Help You Get the Ultimate Mileage Boost

We should start by saying that the advanced HHO electronics we are talking about on this page are NOT necessary, nor are they included in most systems. They can, however, help you to not only precisely test the performance of your HHO system but also fine tune it to get the best gas mileage.

Scan Gauge

A Scan Gauge(R) is a device which attaches to the diagnostic port of your car (later model cars with OBD II or later). The gauge can monitor a number of various functions and display them to the driver in real time. This is very useful (and fun!) to be able to see what fuel gains you are enjoying as you drive down the road; if you have a dash mounted switch for your electrolyzer, you can switch on your system while driving and literally watch your gas mileage go up! Fine tuning other electronic peripherals like MAP/MAF enhancers, EFIE's or PWM's for the best gas mileage is much easier and more precise also when you can see things like fuel consumption, air/fuel ratios, etc. To see more on the Scan Gauge go here.

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The VMU -- Vehicle Management Unit

This is the ultimate in advanced HHO electronics. This unit combines real time data monitoring of many engine functions with built-in HHO system controls, including a PWM, an EFIE and MAP/MAF enhancers, all programmable. The design is professional and compact and features a color LCD screen. For more on the many features of the VMU and user reviews

go here.