Scan Gauge II Reviews

Product and options available

Scan Gauge II Kit (comes with Scan Gauge II, OBDII cable, Detailed Instructions and velcro attaching strips)

Extra OBDII cable available separately


Scan Gauge II Kit $169.95 List (see suggested supplier below for discounted price)

Extra OBDII cable $19.95 List (see suggested supplier below for discounted price)

Seller's or Mfr's Description of Product:

The ScanGaugeII is a compact vehicle computer that connects to the diagnostic connector in seconds and gives you an extensive trip computer, real time gauges and trouble code reader. It can read fuel economy as you drive, record vehicle speeds, tell you when you are going to run out of fuel and dozens of other functions. Installation takes only seconds and requires no tools. It can be moved from car to car. Works on gas, diesel, propane, and hybrid vehicles. The ScanGaugeII works on all OBDII protocols including the new CAN protocol.

The ScanGaugeII is a 3-in-1 automotive computer that combines a multifunction trip computer, diagnostic scan tool, and up to 37 digital gauges in one small package. It connects easily to your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port and communicates directly with the vehicle's computer. Not sure if your car uses OBDII or Controller Area Network (CAN)? The unit will automatically determine which system to use and switch to it. The ScanGaugeII works on all 1996 or newer OBDII cars, including gas, diesel, propane and hybrid vehicles, as well as vehicles with the latest CAN systems. A detachable cable allows for easy transfer between multiple vehicles. Its menu-driven operation means there's no need to memorize complex sequences, and no tools are required for installation.

Expandable Add-A-Gauge Technology
The ScanGaugeII has been redesigned with expandable Add-A-Gauge (aka XGauge) technology. Add to the original 12 gauges by customizing the ScanGaugeII to monitor up to 25 more--depending on your specific vehicle's sensor design. Four gauges can be displayed simultaneously and can help determine fuel consumption rates, allowing you to adjust driving behavior and save gas. At the same time, keep an eye on coolant temperature, engine speed, and much more in real time. If there is a young driver in the house or friends borrow your car, the ScanGaugeII can record speeds of up to 158 mph and store the information for you to view later, so you will know just how fast your young driver or friend was going last night. If the unit was disconnected, you'll know: An indicator will be displayed in the trip data.

Gauges include:

Fuel Consumption Rate to 1/100th per gallon/liter
Vehicle speed (MPH)
Fuel Economy
Cost Per Mile/Cost Per Trip
Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
Battery Voltage
Engine Load
Coolant Temperature
Throttle Position
Intake Air Temperature
Ignition Timing
Engine Speed (RPM)
O2 Sensor Data
Fuel Trim
Hybrid Battery Charge (for Toyota Prius and Ford Escape)
And many more, depending on your vehicle's sensor design

HHONAR Reviewed:

As we said on our Advanced HHO Electronics Advanced HHO Electronics page, the Scan Gauge is a great tool for testing and fine tuning any HHO system. In addition to its many capabilities in monitoring and recording data, the fact that all this can be done in real time can't be matched by any other methods.

Highly recommended for those with a bent for tech and wanting to achieve the greatest possible efficiency out of their hydrogen-on-demand system.

The unit is so easy to hook up (one cable) and easy to mount most anywhere. Its slim design and dark color help it blend in with a near factory look in most cars. It is easily portable to another vehicle.

Well worth the money in our opinion (but we stress this is for those who want to fine tune and monitor their systems, and is NOT a necessary add-on for an HHO system to work).

Mfr offers a 1 year warranty on product and a 30 day unconditional guarantee(as of this writing).

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ScanGauge II 3-in-1 Compact Multifunction Vehicle Computer with Customizable Display.

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