Is this a water powered car?

This car is powered by water--and gasoline. So is it a water powered car? Yes, and no. More accurately it is a hybrid--an HHO/gasoline hybrid to be exact. Okay, so if it uses HHO, is it also a hydrogen car? Once again, yes and no. While HHO hybrids could technically, and sometimes are, called hydrogen cars since they use hydrogen-on-demand, a hydrogen car is usually thought of as one which is powered exclusively by pure hydrogen. These cars are under development by some major car makers such as Honda, but are still years from being practical. They require carrying around large tanks of compressed hydrogen and the high cost of these cars and the lack of hydrogen fueling stations will severely limit their use in the near future.

Can I run my car on water?

The technology to power a car with HHO gas exclusively, a true water powered car, is still not practical. Some are working on it, and it may happen as the technology develops.

But right now, you can enjoy driving a hybrid car--and the improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions that come with it--for far less than the cost of a Prius or other new hybrid on the market today. That's right, for as little as a few hundred dollars you can make almost any car into a hybrid. Call it a water car, a hydrogen car, an hho hybrid -- this affordable technology is here now, today, and available to anyone for the price of a few tanks of gas. Unlike buying a new hybrid car which will run into the tens of thousands of dollars and take years to pay off thus negating your fuel savings, your present car can be quickly and easily converted to run on free HHO gas and use less gasoline.

How does HHO work to increase gas mileage?

How much fuel can I save with an HHO system?

What's in a typical HHO system?

Where to find systems, plans, parts and reviews?

How do I choose the best HHO system for my car or truck?

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