Is HHO Safe?

In a word, yes. But like any flammable gas, certain precautions should be taken. We'll discuss those in a moment, but first let's compare HHO with gasoline and compressed hydrogen.

Carrying around a tank full of gasoline or a tank of compressed hydrogen is, in our opinion, way less safe than a small HHO generator as found in a hydrogen-on-demand system. Why? Because while HHO is combustible like the other two, its volume is far less, so in the unlikely event of ignition, it would be far less damaging than a gas tank or hydrogen bottle igniting.

The liklihood of an explosion of an HHO generator is quite small if a few common sense rules are followed:
-Always disconnect the battery cable before starting any installation or servicing your HHO generator
-When working with a hydrogen-on-demand system which has been operating and may contain gas, wear eye protection
-Never "test" the output of a system by trying to ignite the HHO gas
-Always install a spark arrestor or bubbler to prevent backfiring
-If doing your own installation always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific model
-Choose a mounting location which is clear of moving parts and hot components

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