Is There a Guaranteed Minimum Mileage Gain?

Actually, there is. We know of at least one company which guarantees a minimum fuel mileage increase of 50%, or you may return their system for a refund. They also require you to have the system installed by one of their approved installers as a condition of this guarantee, which is understandable given the variables that be factored in and the many different types of vehicles.

Guarantees of a certain minimum mileage increase is unusual however, and most manufacturers make no such guarantees.

HHONAR supplies a comparison chart of major manufacturer's systems which also compares guarantees and warranties-- see it here. We at HHONAR do not want to give the impression that you will or will not see any particular increase, there are too many variables for that. Let's discuss these in more detail:

What are the Main Factors Which Determine How Much Fuel I Will Save?

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