HHO Heater Review

Product and Options Available

Genesis I Home Heating System (shown below with optional wood cabinet enclosure)

Optional wood cabinet enclosure for Genesis I


Genesis I Home Heating System $2,499.00

Optional wood cabinet enclosure for Genesis I $399.97

NOTE: Prices quoted here for the HHO heater and optional enclosure are accurate at time of publication, but the seller may change the prices without notice and we may not be immediately aware of such changes.

Seller's or Mfr's Description of Product:

The Genesis I

Uses as little as 300 watts of power to run.

Can be connected to wind or solar power directly.

Produces 130 cfm of heat at a temperature of 125 degrees.

Maintains heat in areas up to 1500 sq. ft.

Its small compact size of 21x21x9.5 inches is ideal as a supplemental heating system, or can be used as a furnace hybrid.

Converts water to its basic elements of hydrogen and oxygen, then burns it as a fuel.

Produces no fluorocarbons, no carbon monoxide, no green house gases.

Fully constructed and ready for use.

HHONAR Reviewed:

This product has not yet been tested by HHONAR. We are glad to see an actual commercially available home heating unit using HHO come to the marketplace. However, we have not yet verified any of the claims made for the product by the seller. If we do test the unit we will post our report here.

One of the best features about this unit is that the manufacturer has designed it with flexible input power. Plug it into a standard wall outlet, or take your home heating completely off the grid and connect the unit to solar or wind power!

If you want to purchase one of these complete and ready-to-use HHO home heating units, we have provided you a link below.

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