Finding HHO Installers

Where and How to Find a Good HHO Installer for Your System

Finding a good installer for your HHO system can be difficult in some areas. Since the hydrogen-on-demand industry is in its infancy, there are few dedicated and trained installers out there. Their numbers are growing however, and training and certification programs are beginning to emerge.

If you have ordered an HHO system, your supplier or manufacturer should be able to recommend a qualified installer in your area. In fact, it may be a requirement of your manufacturer that you use one of their approved installers to qualify for their stated guarantee or warranty. Make sure you read their requirements shipped with the unit and if not stated you should still contact them and ask.

OK, let's say you have purchased a system, don't want to install it yourself, and the manufacturer does not have a recommended installer available in your area. What do you do then?
The best thing to do in this case is to have a good mechanic install the system. Start with your usual mechanic if you have one you have been using already and are comfortable with them. If you don't already know a mechanic, ask around for one that has a good reputation, or look in the yellow pages under Automobiles, Repairing and Service. If you do this, look for service technicians who are ASE certified. This certification assures you of dealing with someone who has been trained on the latest automotive systems which are increasingly complex. If you are approaching a mechanic or service center which has not installed an HHO system or is not familiar with them (most likely), bring the complete system with you including the manufacturer's installation instructions. You should also have the mfr's tech support contact number with you to give to the mechanic.
If they tell you "this won't work" or it will damage your vehicle or some other story, just say thanks and go on to the next one on the list. There are plenty of good auto techs out there so keep looking until you find one who will take the job at a reasonable price.

So what should an HHO installer charge for a system install? Expect to pay in the range of a few to several hundred dollars depending on whether the system is a simple electrolyzer with minimal connections and no adjustments, or a true complete system with electronic enhancers that the mechanic will need to tune to get the best efficiency out of the system. If you are quoted upwards of $500 to install and tune a complete system, you may want to look for another quote first.

We welcome your reviews of not only products but also installers. Please go here to let us know of your experience with your installer (good or bad).

Are you interested in becoming a certified HHO installer?

The demand for trained and qualified HHO installers will grow rapidly as the hydrogen-on-demand industry expands. There are new certification courses now being offered by top tier manufacturers. If you have an automotive service background or training already you may qualify for HHO installer training and certification. Contact the following firms for information on their HHO installer certification programs:

DC-Hybrids Installer Training Program

Hydroxy Corp Online Certification
Note: The Hydroxy Corp link will take you to a sign-in page. You will need to register on the site first then it will take you to their online certification page.

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