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Instantly downloadable ebooks (two)


$97 (includes both ebooks)

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In our first Water4Gas manual you will discover:

* How to build a simple, inexpensive hydrogen system * Easy to follow with photos & diagrams * How to install and operate your system * Maintenance & troubleshooting with free Technical Support * Learn the history of the Water4Gas technology - and new applications that you can do

In our second manual you will discover:

* How to MAXIMIZE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY using your hydrogen system * How to fine tune several unique enhancers for best efficiency * Revolutionary fuel additives you can make at home * Driving techniques, vehicle maintenance, and much more * Everything you need to save money using Water4Gas

HHONAR Reviewed:

We found these books to be very informative and useful, if a bit disjointed and hard to follow at times.
Created by Bob Boyce and Ozzie Freedom, who have done a lot of work in raising awareness of the potential of HHO, these ebooks, or manuals as Water4Gas calls them, are packed with a lot of information. Far more, in fact, than other plans being sold out there. They are much more than plans also, covering where to obtain all the parts to build their electrolyzer design, building and tuning the enhancers, troubleshooting and maintenance, HHO history, etc.
Their particular design of the electrolyzer itself is considered by some in the industry to be unsafe because it uses a glass container and a plastic lid. The glass can break and the plastic can melt if the unit overheats.

HHONAR built this design however, and even loading with 3tsp of baking soda did not experience overheating. The glass did not break for us either, even after riding in the engine compartment for over 5 months. It's worth noting that the authors include precautions against these risks in their ebooks, and thousands have been sold thus far. Many knockoffs have sprung up but the Water4Gas is the original.

The biggest advantages these books have is that they give a very good education on HHO and hydrogen-on-demand and how it works, and they allow one to build a system very cheaply. While we strongly advise buying a high quality, ready-made system if you can, we recognize that is not an option for everyone.

If are looking to learn and do-it-yourself and can't afford to spend several hundred dollars for a professional, 'Tier 1' system, then we would definitely recommend these books.

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